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Strong enough, to protect the health of more people

"To be the health guardian of more people" is the mission and responsibility of xinye medical, for which we are becoming stronger and stronger

  • Industrial base

    Has the independent medical supplies production industrial park million level dust-free production workshop, compliance with ISO140001 environmental system standards
  • Professional production line

    We have more than ten kinds of products, such as covering mask, protective clothing, gloves, bandage, thermometer, blood pressure meter, etc
  • Daily output

    Average daily output of all kinds of products with a total value of more than 300,000 comprehensive product yield of 99.8%

Take the national standard as the quality baseline
Take the health of the whole people as the supreme pursuit

Xinye medical industry to follow the implementation of the relevant product standards

"Xin" huai world, protect health

Xinye medical, founded in 2020, is a scientific and technological medical enterprise integrating scientific research, production, sales and service of medical supplies. we take the four categories of household protection, medical pruduct, sanitary products and disinfection products as the key scientific research direction, and have gone through 50+The joint efforts of professional r & d teams have accumulated various certifications./More than 30 patents.

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  • Technology innovation

    Led by a ph. d. research expert, the center is working with universities to carry out a number of research projects

  • Honorary certificate

    Taking technological innovation as the cornerstone of development, it has made pioneering achievements in many fields




  • How important is it to wear a mask during flu

    How important is it to wear a mask during flu

    The flu period is a very serious period. apart from vaccines, what other good ways to reduce influenza infection??Today i will share with you a simple and effective way to wear a mask.
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  • How to wear disposable masks correctly

    How to wear disposable masks correctly

    Although the current society is making continuous progress, the degree of air pollution is also rising. i wear masks when i go out, but i find that most people still choose disposable masks because of convenience or laziness. it was found that although some people also wore disposable masks, their wearing methods were completely wrong, not only useless, but also more serious pollution to their health.
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  • 5 steps to easily identify the quality of disposable masks

    5 steps to easily identify the quality of disposable masks

    1. in a place with sufficient light, the light on one side close to the face will be 180 degrees to see if the non-woven fabric is shiny and free of broken hairs. the mask has stains, broken hair, and the color cast is defective.
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