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Opening Hours : Monday to Saturday - 8am to 5pm

Golden State Cargos understand that cost is a prime factor for our customers. With our large scale cargo volume to various destinations, Golden State Cargos is able to provide cargo consolidation services at maximum frequency to the benefit of our customers by carrying their small volume cargo at minimal cost.

Golden State Cargos offers its Sea Freight Services at competitive advantage, benchmarking on her international partners contract with many of the world’s leading ocean carriers. We handle all sea freight businesses and all other international security standards and environmental standards. We offer professional and high quality sea freight services, with personal escort which will enable you to transfer your cargo to its destination in the most secure and low priced manner


The sea freight department of Golden State Cargos offers a wide variety of sea shipping solutions, such as: whole and partial container shipping, refrigerated shipments, food, textiles, raw materials, machines, personal items and more.

Our ocean division provides you with import/export LCL, FCL, or charter shipments; you can depend on Golden State Cargos Freight to provide you with the most comprehensive value-added services in the business. You can rely on our strength: