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Medical surgical mask

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Surgical mask suitable for use in medical staff or related personnel of basic protection and invasive operation in the process of stopping the flow of blood, body fluids and splashes of protection, protection grade medium, it has certain respiratory protection performance. mainly in the cleanliness shi wan level within the clean environment within the operating room nursing immunocompromised patients and the body cavity puncture operations such as when to wear. medical surgical masks can block most bacteria and some viruses, prevent medical personnel from being infected, and also prevent the direct discharge of microorganisms carried by medical personnel in exhalation, posing a threat to patients undergoing surgery. surgical mask requirements of bacteria filtration efficiency reached 95%Above. a suspected respiratory tract of patients should also be dispensing disposable surgical mask so as to guard against the other hospital personnel infectious threats and reduce the cross infection risk, but avoid infection efficacy are not medical protective masks.

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