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Daily disposable mask

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Pruduct details

Disposable masks are made of 28g non-woven fabric with more than three layers.;The bridge of the nose is made of environment-friendly all-plastic strip, which does not contain any metal and is breathable and comfortable, especially suitable for electronic factories and daily use.

Disposable mask(Medical surgical mask)Can prevent respiratory tract infection to a certain extent, can not prevent haze. attention should be paid to the purchase, and the mask with the words "medical surgical mask" clearly marked on the outer package should be selected.

Pruduct features:

Size 17.5cmx9.5cm, 50/Box, 2000/Box, disposable masks are divided into disposable three-layer masks, disposable non-woven masks, disposable four-layer masks and disposable activated carbon masks.

The disposable three-layer mask is made of two layers of non-woven fabric and filter paper.;Disposable three-layer mask is made of two layers of fiber non-woven fabric for medical treatment,Add a layer in the middle to filter and prevent bacteria up to 99%The above filter soluble spray is formed by ultrasonic welding, The nose bridge using environmentally friendly plastic article,Does not contain any metal,配带透汽,舒适。 过滤效果 B.F.E Up to 99% Especially suitable for electronic factories;The disposable activated carbon mask is made of 28 grams of non-woven fabric on the surface and the first layer in the middle is made of anti-bacteria filter paper to filter and prevent bacteria up to 99%Therefore, it plays a role in preventing bacteria and virus hazards.;The second layer in the middle is made of a new type of high-efficiency adsorption and filter material-activated carbon fiber and activated carbon cloth, which has the effects of anti-virus, anti-odor, bacteria filtering, dust blocking, etc.;

 一次性口罩在制作上是采用了环保全塑鼻梁条 鼻梁夹设计可依不同脸型做最舒适的调整。选用内覆超声波点焊,耳带均可很牢固不易掉落。

Disposable masks can be applied to electronic manufacturing and dust-free workshops.,Catering service industry, food processing, school, riding locomotive, spraying processing,Stamping hardware,Electroplating, chemical industry, steel, welding ground, health center,手加工业、医院、美容、制药、 工厂、环境清洁、公共场合等多种用途 

How to use:

Hang the elastic ear hook on both ears, match the full nose type, and gently press the fixing piece to fix it so that the mask fits the face.

产品主要技术指标: 四氯化碳吸附率:>70%Benzene adsorption rate: ≥15% Resistance: 80% Area weight: 35~45g/m2 。

Remarks: 1.Size: 9CMx17.5

 Material characteristics:

Everything has two sides, so does disposable masks. it has advantages as well as some disadvantages.

Advantages: very good ventilation;Able to filter toxic gases;Can keep warm;Can absorb water;Waterproof;Scalable;Won’t be disheveled;It feels very good and soft;Compared with other masks, the texture is lighter.;It is very elastic and can be restored after stretching.;The price is relatively low, suitable for mass production.;


Disadvantages: compared with other cloth masks, disposable masks cannot be cleaned.;Because the fiber arrangement has a certain direction, it is also easier to tear open.;Compared with other textile cloth masks, the strength and durability of disposable masks are worse than other masks.

Conditions of use:

There are various kinds of disposable dust masks, and they must be selected according to different operation requirements and working conditions. first of all, it should be selected according to the concentration and toxicity of dust. accordingGB/T18664 "selection, use and maintenance of respiratory protective equipment", as a half mask, all dust masks are suitable for the environment where the concentration of harmful substances does not exceed 10 times the occupational exposure limit, otherwise, a full mask or respirator with a higher protection level should be used. if the particulate matter belongs to high toxic substances, carcinogens and radioactive substances, the filter material with the highest filtration efficiency should be selected. if the particulate matter is oily, be sure to select the appropriate filter material. if the particles are needle-like fibers, such as slag wool, asbestos, glass fiber, etc., because the dust mask cannot be washed, the mask with tiny fibers is easy to cause facial irritation in the face sealing part, and is not suitable for use. for high temperature and humidity environment, it will be more comfortable to choose a mask with an exhalation valve, and the mask with ozone removal for welding can provide additional protection, however, if the ozone concentration is higher than 10 times the occupational health standard, the mask can be replaced, and the filter element with dust and poison combination can be used. for the environment where there is no particulate matter but only some peculiar smell, it is much lighter to choose a dust mask with activated carbon layer than to wear a gas mask, such as some laboratory environments, however, due to the national standards, the technical performance of such masks is not standardized.

How to use:

1. wash your hands before wearing a mask.

2. hold the ear rope with both hands and put the dark side outside.(Blue), light color included(Suede white)。

3. put the mask on the side of the wire(There is a small hard one)Put it on the nose, pinch the metal wire according to your own nose shape, and then pull the mask cover completely down, so that the mask completely covers the mouth and nose.

4. disposable masks are generally replaced within 8 hours and cannot be reused.


1. please use disposable masks within the validity period.

2, only one-time use, destroyed after use.

3, the package is damaged, prohibited to use.

4, pay attention to the production date.

Storage conditions:

Disposable masks are stored at a relative humidity of not more than 80%, no corrosive gas and well-ventilated indoor, avoid high temperature.

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