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The main component of medical alcohol is ethanol, and it is a mixture. medical alcohol is made by saccharification, fermentation and distillation of starch plants, which is equivalent to the process of making wine. however, the distillation temperature is lower than that of wine, the number of distillation times is higher than that of wine, the alcohol content is higher, and the output of finished products is higher, the ether and aldehyde components other than alcohol are more than alcohol and cannot be drunk, but can contact human body for medical use. it is a plant raw pruduct

  The difference between industrial alcohol and medical alcohol

1. purity

Medical alcohol refers to the alcohol used in medicine. the purity of medical alcohol is various, and the common one is 95%And 75%。工业酒精是指工业上使用的酒精, 工业酒精的纯度一般为95%And 99%

2, toxicity

Medical alcohol can be used for disinfection of human body due to its low concentration. industrial alcohol can not be used for human disinfection, because methanol can lead to poisoning, used for skin disinfection will also be partially absorbed by the skin, after severe poisoning can lead to blindness and even death. 

3. use

Medical alcohol is mainly used for disinfection and sterilization. industrial alcohol can be used in printing, electronics, hardware, spices, chemical synthesis, pharmaceutical synthesis, etc. can be used as cleaning agent, solvent.

Effects of different concentrations of alcohol(The following concentrations refer to volume fraction)

95%Alcohol is often used to wipe ultraviolet lamps. this alcohol is commonly used in hospitals, while in families it will only be used for cleaning camera lenses.

75%The alcohol is used for disinfection. this is because, too high concentration of alcohol will form a protective film on the surface of bacteria, prevent it from entering the bacteria, it is difficult to completely kill bacteria. if the alcohol concentration is too low, although it can enter the bacteria, it cannot solidify the protein in the body, nor can it completely kill the bacteria.

40%To 50%Alcohol can prevent bedsore. bedsore can be caused by long-term pressure on the back, waist and buttocks of long-term bedridden patients, such as a little 40%To 50%The alcohol is poured into the hands, and the pressure part of the patient is evenly massaged, which can promote local blood circulation and prevent the formation of bedsore.

25%To 50%The alcohol can be used for physical antipyretic. patients with high fever can wipe their bodies to achieve the purpose of cooling down. because wiping the skin with alcohol can expand the blood vessels of the patient’s skin and increase the heat dissipation capacity of the skin. its volatility can also absorb and take away a large amount of heat, thus relieving symptoms. however, the alcohol concentration should not be too high, otherwise it may irritate the skin and cause the epidermis to lose a lot of water.

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