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How to wear disposable masks correctly

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Although the current society is making continuous progress, the degree of air pollution is also rising. i wear masks when i go out, but i find that most people still choose disposable masks because of convenience or laziness. it was found that although some people also wore disposable masks, their wearing methods were completely wrong, not only useless, but also more serious pollution to their health. in fact, the use of masks is exquisite, and so is the disposable masks. the following mask manufacturers will teach you how to bring disposable masks correctly.


How to wear disposable masks correctly

1. distinguish between positive and negative

From the color point of view, the darker side of the mask is the front, and the color of the back of the mask is lighter.;

From the material point of view, it is the reverse side that feels smoother by hand, while it is the front side that feels friction.

When we wear masks, we must face the opposite side of the mask inward close to our skin and the face of the mask outward. don’t wear it wrong.

2. distinguish the upper and lower parts of the mask

There will be a very thin bendable metal strip on the disposable mask, and one end of the metal strip is above the mask. it will be embarrassing if you don’t wear it backwards.

3. steps to wear masks correctly

First, use your hands to pinch the metal strip tightly, so that the upper end of the mask is tightly attached to your nose bridge, which can also make the mask not easy to fall down. then pull your hands flat to the face and pinch the nose clip to make the mask close to the face. press the mask with your left hand and wrap the rope around the ear root with your right hand. finally, pull up and down the edge of the mouth with both hands to cover it to the eyes and chin, and wrap all the mouth and chin so that the mask can be truly worn, only in this way can it have the effect of preventing dust and smog.


Precautions for wearing masks

1. clean your hands

Before wearing the mask, keep your hands clean and try not to touch the inside of the mask to avoid bacterial contamination of the mask.

2. replace the mask every 4 hours

Since it is a disposable mask, it cannot be reused, and it is also necessary to pay attention to the time of using the disposable mask. generally speaking, the disposable mask needs to be replaced for 4 hours.

3. don’t throw away the mask after using it

After taking off the mask, pack the mask with adhesive tape and paper bag, discard it in the trash can with cover, clean your hands in time, and do not reuse the disposable mask.

4, do not reuse masks

The disposable masks should not be used repeatedly on the front and back sides, because the outer layer of the mask will gather a lot of dust and bacteria from the outside. if the front and back sides are used alternately, the pollutants from the outer layer will directly enter the mouth with the respiratory tract, affect human health.

The above is the correct way for mask manufacturers to teach everyone to bring disposable masks. have you learned it?Don’t wear it wrong again!