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The mask "wears" and changes to "wears". science popularization should keep up with it.

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A few days ago, the national health and health commission issued guidelines detailing how to wear masks for the general public, personnel in specific places, key personnel and occupational exposed personnel.

The mask

Among them, the general public is not recommended to wear masks at home, outdoors, in places where there are no people gathering and good ventilation. in low-risk areas, it is recommended to carry a spare mask and wear a mask when in close contact with others.

Although people don’t have to wear masks all the time, they still need to wear masks when they go out.

The mask

Wearing a mask is a science,

The same is true for wearing masks.

In contrast, many people lack understanding of how to carry masks correctly. some people casually put the mask into their pockets, and for convenience, pull the mask to the chin position or hang it on one side of the ear. as everyone knows, putting the mask into your pocket will make it easy for the mask to be directly stained with pollutants such as bacteria. the mask hung on the chin or ear will become a collector of pollutants, which will directly absorb dust, particles and droplets in the air, and then infect bacteria to the human body through contact with the chin or neck.

The mask

Experts pointed out that when carrying masks, attention should be paid to the method of folding the inner layer close to the mouth and nose inward and the outer layer outward. fold it and put it in a clean envelope or fresh-keeping bag. do not put it directly into your pocket or bag. as for the practice of hanging the mask on the chin or ear all the time, it is not advisable to cover or pull it down from time to time, which will lead to the accumulation of the outer layer of the virus and the possibility of touching the inner layer.

In addition, it is not necessary to wear masks from time to time, so that some people over-release themselves and often forget to wear masks. in this regard, the general public should continue to maintain a sense of prevention and develop good hygiene habits. you can place a mask in your pocket, bag, car, work place, etc., and reserve it at any time.